Saturday, 30 June 2018

Aspire To Inspire

Aspiration is an intention to direct one’s hopes and ambitions towards a higher level of achievement in life. An aspiration leads us towards becoming an inspiration for all those around us. 
Let’s focus our attention on the difference between aspiration and inspiration. Well, inspiration is mainly about external source, and it refers to an act of making someone to do something, while aspire is a desire or ambition to achieve something, and it is focused towards internal source.

          Aspiring is an intrinsic motivation. All humans possess the innate motivation to perform, to show, getting acknowledged, remembered after they depart from this world. Generally, people aspire about achieving higher goals like acquiring higher education, better jobs or career for themselves, owning a house, a nice car of their choice. However, choices vary from person to person. 

However, there are few unique souls who aspire to be better individuals, serve their fellow human beings, and their society at large. They consistently strive for a better tomorrow, even though they have to participate by conducting voluntary efforts through thick and thin. Sometimes, these aspiring individuals are short of their own resources, but such obstacles never stop them from offering their services, because their aim is to serve, and serve their best no matter what price they have to pay for it. 
Unfortunately, we sometimes ignore such people. Although, they are found in our families, among our friends or relatives, but we never acknowledge their efforts, their courage, and their precious moments. Their selfless efforts usually remain unacknowledged by our community. 

In this era of selfishness, and busy life style, its hard to find trustworthy, honest, and sincere people around us. Hence, it is important that we identify such individuals, organizations, and groups who aspire to inspire all those around them. 
Sometimes, we find such selfless souls at our workplaces, in our teams, in school, and even inside are very homes. Mother is a very good example of such aspiring ones. Mothers are intrinsically motivated to help, assist, mentor and guide her children at all times. Next could be fathers, our teachers and even our grandparents are all those aspiring individuals around us, whom we must get our inspiration from to be better individuals ourselves. 
Aspire to inspire has always been the best part of us. We all need to aspire for something or the other, irrespective of the type of dreams we plan to pursue. However, aspiring to be an inspiration certainly, always require to go an extra mile. 
I aspire to inspire as a teacher, a mentor, a guide and as a motivational speaker for my children, my students, family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, and above all my fellow human beings. 



Sunday, 24 June 2018

Parenting and Influencing

Parenting is a skill as well as an art. It may seem easier, but it’s the most difficult assignment/job in the whole world. Unlike animals, human offspring requires many long years of consistent struggle of nurturing, healthy growing environment, constant supervision and much more.

Additionally, parenting is not just about raising a healthy child. Realistically speaking, parenting is all about upbringing of a human being with a healthy body, along with a healthy mind, a person with integrity, a balanced personality with character, who could be beneficial for his/her family and society at large.
This picture of parenting comprises of two main characters, a father and a mother (parents). Both the characters have to act simultaneously in order to get the best results out of this portrait that they are trying to paint as painters of their family. Family means togetherness, sharing ups and down in the journey of life span, mutual understanding, and above all mutual respect for each other’s privacy and space at the same time. 
Unfortunately, families lack determining these vital blind spot moments, although living under same roof. However, family members living at distance from each other can still be together, connect, share, discuss, and spend time together. That’s the reason it is called a FAMILY.
Parenting and influencing are two different sides of the same coin. Influencing is all about role modeling. Generally, parents consider themselves as best care takers, guides, mentors and teachers of their children. Undoubtedly, this is good, but it is certainly not enough.  Influencing requires much more than just being parents.

Let’s flip this side, focus our attention towards our children, and understand what and how children actually think about us as parents. 
At younger age children perceive their parents as their care takers, they depend on their parents even for their trivial problems. By the time children start going to school, they prefer that their parents help them beyond their physical needs. For example, guide them in their homework, preparing for their exams, etc. Little later in life, children want their parents to be their best friends. Being best friend of your children means, by showing your love in these ways, sitting down with them, spending time with them, understanding their viewpoints, facilitating them in their life choices and decisions.
Our children are our future, and they are reflection of their parents. As a parent, we need to reflect upon our attitude towards our children. We need to think about that, are we giving enough time to our children? Or are we just covering up by giving expensive gifts to our children. Are we giving them a listening ear? At the time, when they count on us for guidance, or do we turn our faces away from them, by acknowledging our busy life schedules. All these small gestures count, and make a lot of difference in the life of our children.
Perhaps, we need to address that what we used to expect from our parents, when we were kids. This way it might become quite clear to us, how our parents were like, and how they reacted to our problems as their children etc. 

Having said that, parenting and influencing your children is a matter of commitment, being diligent, at the end of the day. 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Fortune Of Hope

Hope is a charismatic feeling. It gives us a boost in life and provides us an opportunity of stride to keep moving on without being distressed or feeling less fortunate in life. Therefore, being alive and living with a sense of fulfillment is a blessing in itself. 
Keeping ourselves hopeful in all the dreadful moments we come across in life, in the form of losing someone close to our heart, unexpected and stressful situations, adverse circumstances all contribute towards hopelessness. Sustaining a positive mindset throughout life is no joke indeed. However, its achievable. 
Life is a journey that throws challenges and opportunities simultaneously, towards us throughout our life course. However, discovering these challenges, figuring out the hidden opportunities among these challenges, and preparing ourselves to overcome these impediments, requires immense amount of hard work, commitment, patience, perseverance, diligence and our inner strengths. 
Each endeavor towards accomplishment fortify our feeling of hope. Every step we take in our life we need to make various choices. These choices determine our mindsets, attitudes in life, our behavior towards other fellow human beings including their relationships with us etc. Hence, our present and our future depends extensively on the choices we make on daily basis every second, every minute and every hour of our life journey. 
We all have our dreams, desires, goals (short or long term) and possess a hope to achieve these dreams some day or the other. Primarily, what we are unable is to maintain the balance among these challenging and opportunities, the right time for our next move, differentiate the right and wrong time of taking decisions etc. 
No matter what the cause of failure may be, we always have the master key of HOPE in our hands to unlock any door of upcoming opportunity for us. This fortune of hope has all the ingredients to evolve a new positive figure inside all of us. It facilitate us to believe that even the darkest moments always have that silver lining present in it. 
Our failures determine our successes. The winners are not those who run the fastest, but are those who never give up, never stop nor compromise on their dreams. Understanding this reality of life, and our desire to achieve and be at our best wherever we are is certainly in our own hands. 
Be determined to prove not just to the world, but to our own selves, that we are unique, and next to nothing. Be passionate to keep the flame of HOPE burning inside you. This fire within you is your destiny to be at your best every time, and all the time. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Best Practices

     Life is all about doing good. All the best practices are natural part of our life. We as humans are created to be good, kind, helpful, and worthwhile in our life. However, many of us at times deviate from this natural inclination. 

      Certainly it happens due to circumstance, situations or even incidences that transform our behaviors and attitudes into a different direction. Although, we all keep trying our best to revert back to our own sense of well being every now and then, and fortunately we do get successful in our sincere attempts. 

       Lets shed some light on our best practices just to remind us how good we are, and how better and even best we can be with just little more effort. We can all start our hectic day routine with a smile on our face. You never know how miraculous this smile could be for your loved ones. When your family, friends, and people around you see you happy in the morning they will also get energize, feel comfortable speaking with you, share their feeling with you. 

       Similarly, this same smile at your workplace can even do a larger impact. Your colleagues, your boss and all other staff members will be happy to see you, meet you, greet you and can even become more helpful towards you in a difficult situation. 

       Next best practice can be saying 'THANK YOU' to everyone who does even a small thing for you. Offer your help to everyone whom you can do a little favor to. Guide all those present close to you irrespective of their differences. Show others that you are part of their team, so they could trust you and comfortably discuss their problems with you. This attitude not only develops sense of well being in you, but also brings self-confidence, improved communication skills and much more to your life. 

   Life journey goes through changes every now and then, hence it requires from us to be at our best at all times. Certainly, various situations, circumstances in life are not in our control. But we have complete control upon our own selves, so why not give it a try. 

        Best practices are indeed all the good feelings, thinking, gestures, emotions and values we own as a human being in life. We do not perform like machines, nor like robots, because we are sensitive, full of emotions of love, hate, anger, happiness and much more. Therefore, we all need to reflect on our practices whether good or bad to improve and allow the best to enter from the same door from where the bad is trying to intervene. 

        Let us all think again, organize our emotions and feelings to focus on doing at least one best practice every day, hopefully all these best practices will gradually collect in the picky banks of our hearts and become one large whole one day in the form of a successful human being with a long list of best practices in our pockets. 

         The reason is "WE ARE ALL BEST, SO WE ALL DESERVE THE BEST". 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Worthwhile Woman

Women are the other half of the planet. Primarily, women are contributors for others instead for herself. Sacrificing her own apatite, her sleep, her clean bed, her belongings, her money, and her own wishes are just very few in the list. 
Majority of the women remain unaware of their potential throughout their lives. However, each one of them possess unique qualities. Let's take a look the best part of her as a woman. 

The best beauty of a woman lies in her own existence as a woman. She is created to be beautiful, creative, educated, worthy of love, respect, and care. She is born to be nurtured and dealt as a fragile being. She is supposed to be protected and given security by men around her. She always tries to perform her different roles in the form of a loving mother, a caring sister, a wife, a proud daughter of her parents, and a dependable friend. 

Women are the leaders in education, mainly because of their kind and caring nature towards children. Home errands are served day to day by woman all over the world, thus they are queens of their homes too. She contributes directly and indirectly towards her society because she wants her children to grow up in a just society. She anticipates to provide a comfortable living to her family in order to let her family achieve all their goals successfully. 

Although, the society has evolved substantially over centuries. Women are equal earning members along with men, but women are deprived of their fundamental human rights even today. Since, they are considered as weaker gender therefore, they are maltreated even inside their homes. Lots of other issues women have to face at their workplace too. 

Worthwhile woman believes in a purposeful life of their own. No matter how hard it is for her to achieve her goals, but she strives for excellence and never gives up. She doesn't believe in controlling situations, rather let others live and enjoy their own freedom. She loves to forget and forgive for the common good. She held her head high with honor and dignity to be respected with pride. 

Bold, beautiful, courageous and smart thinking woman of today looks forward for encouragement, support, acknowledgment of her untiring efforts, recognition of her achievements. She looks forward to be equally respected and understood. She does possess the right to be happy, to think freely, to work at a comfortable workplace without any type of harassment. Above all she deserves to live her life with her own choice. She should be given right to choose her partner as well. No doubt, these matters are lot talked about but unfortunately not practiced. 

As a worthwhile woman we must keep believing in ourselves that we are unique, precious, invincible and empowered personalities in our own beautiful ways. No matter wherever you are living, or working, you are fully capable of winning and conquering your world. We are worthwhile woman of today. 

My gift for all the woman of the world on International Women Day. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Story of Life

Our lives takes twists and turns throughout its journey, and each turn brings to us a new experience, a new hope, sometimes joys but sometimes sorrows too. We all live our stories of life.

Each one of us are connected with our life stories in some way or the other. We usually keep protecting ourselves behind our stories too. Our life stories are unique because we are unique as individuals too. These stories can be imaginary or real. Imaginary stories are our own self perceptions, but the real life stories are comprised of our life experiences we pass through during life. 
The most unique part about these life stories are that we love to share them with others. However, we determine with whom we are going to share our story. Human beings are connected with each other through these stories too. Whenever we share our story with another person he or she also has a life story too. Fortunately, once we discuss our life story the other person also erupts and tell us about their unique life story. This way two different individuals get connected and if they have a common story they become friends, lovers, mentors, or our counselors. 
These life stories are extremely powerful tools to help us understand life, learn lessons, empowers us to develop hope, builds our confidence, create a vision, determine our future goals, and help us plan to be better human beings eventually.

Actually, our life story is the reflection of all those moments which we have lived, irrespective whether good or bad. The happy moments are our privileges, and blessings. On the contrary, our sad moments were the ones which made us strong and empowered us to move on in life.

Story of life does hold in itself our true self. They make us shine among our fellow human beings provided we transform our life stories into a learning opportunity, a stepping stone to move forward, a confident move to create our vision, an intimate moment to share and bring new souls closer. 

We all must build our positive life stories no matter what our life brings to us in each passing moment. Develop ourselves as better individuals to improve and inspire others to let them stand on their feet after every fall. Eventually, we all have a huge treasure of beautiful and successful life stories in our account of life that we love to share, explore, and pave a road to success for our own life journey. 

Dare to share your story of your life! 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Not Everything is Contained in Books

As it is rightly expressed by Mahatma Gandhi that, “Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge.” Gaining knowledge is a natural human desire. Books and life experiences are both primary sources of acquiring knowledge; hence, both have their own value in life. Having said that, I believe learning from experience is far more valuable, productive and practical for a successful life.
Firstly, books are considered a major source of gaining knowledge at early age particularly in schools. Knowledge from books is quite enough to grasp language, and build concepts to build a foundation for learning at later age. For example, learning of alphabets, creating words from those alphabets, later on it paves way for construction of complete sentences. However, books do not provide us any knowledge about social skills, and their challenges in practical life which primarily depends upon our language use. Therefore, experiences teach us with time and practice to learn and develop social skills in life.
Furthermore, moving on by saying that, “Experience is a teacher by itself”. Apparently speaking, books are written by experts and authorities in various fields and subjects. No doubt, their contributions are greatly accepted, but merely by going through the subject matter presented in these books does not enable us to be an expert, or an authority in that field and profession. For example, a novice doctor no matter how high his/her scores are in medical profession, but he is not eligible to perform surgeries. Each doctor has to go through mandatory internships, by working under the guidance of an expert doctor as a trainee doctor for some time. Afterwards, passing certain training and internships over a period of time, and under the presence of competent doctors he or she is allowed to perform surgery. Hence, we can say that without real time experience a person is unable to be considered as an expert professional in the field.

Finally, knowledge acquired from books is only for the sake of knowledge itself. On the contrary, experience teaches us how to apply that knowledge in real life situations. For example, reading the book about learning to drive does provide knowledge about various road signs, different driving situations, and information about the vehicle etc. However, we can only learn driving skills by applying that knowledge by sitting behind the steering wheel of the car. Similarly, learning to swim, ride a bicycle, baking, cooking all such skills are learnt with practice and experience only.
To conclude, it is correctly said, “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”